At Vinny Fab we are proud to offer a full range of fabrication services to our clients. No matter the size of the job we are here to assist you. If the service you require is not listed below, no need to stress our team can most likely help, contact us today.  


Vehicle Ecu Reflashing

We provide ECU tuning / chipping / remapping services for high performance vehicles as well as every day road vehicles4x4struckstractors and other engines.
Expect to see results straight away with fuel savings around 10% better all round. We can also turn DPF off, EGR off, Adblue / SCR off, speed limiter off, DTC off.



Full custom stainless, titanium and mild steel exhaust systems including high horsepower turbo manifolds and equal length race headers.


Custom intercooler piping, mounting intercoolers, one off intercoolers. Performance that is proven.


Custom catch cans ranging from window washer tanks, radiator over flows, race car baffled oil catch cans and water separator tanks.


Engine conversions often don’t go to plan, our team can take the stress off your hands. From engine and gear box mounts, gear box tunnels, custom drive shafts, plumbing new lines or wiring.