CUSCO Copper Clutch Set / Honda Integra/Civic

CUSCO Copper Clutch Set / Honda Integra/Civic

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CUSCO Copper Clutch Set / Honda Integra/Civic
DA8/DA6 DC2/DB8 EG6/9
SKU: 317-022-F

Allowable output
Around 400ps (when using our clutch cover).
*Depends on the car model

Reinforced copper clutch disc and pressure plate for improved response and power delivery. Copper clutch disc is designed to take additional heat from performance driving, but provide smooth engagement for street driving.

Copper and carbon content
Copper Single Disc has been developed to European standards that do not contain lead in consideration of its environmental impact, so it does not use any lead, which would be required by increasing the copper content.
In addition, our unique manufacturing method dramatically increases the bonding properties of carbon and copper. This provides high transmission performance even at high temperatures, high rotations, and high output.

Heat measures
Resistant to temperature changes during actual driving.
From starting at low temperatures to operating the clutch at high temperatures, it exhibits a stable coefficient of friction and high wear resistance, allowing you to experience excellent control performance even in situations where temperature changes are inevitable.

Starting off is also smooth.
By significantly reducing the characteristic judder found in conventional metal discs and increasing the width of the half-clutch, smooth starting and clutch operation are possible. In terms of feel, it is a clutch that is easy to use even for beginners with reinforced clutches, without the sudden feeling of connection like metal.

Also compatible with drifting and sports driving.
The disc body is resistant to warping that occurs under high-temperature conditions, such as when the clutch kicks while drifting, and by using high-performance heat-resistant materials, it resists warping caused by the heat generated during intense shift operations such as circuit driving. It is resistant to slippage and can be used with high-output engines.

Outstanding burst strength.
Normally, increasing the amount of copper makes it difficult for the facings to bond together, making them more likely to burst. Cusco has solved this problem using its own technology. It improves the bond between carbon and copper, exhibits stable transmission performance even at high temperatures, and supports high rotation and high output. As a result, it passed a strength test under a high load of 12,500 rpm (our measurements) and achieved excellent connection even at high speeds.
Mission load

Adopts damper spring.
A damper spring is used to make it easier to handle when starting. This not only reduces the noise of the transmission, but also reduces the load on the disc itself and the transmission.