CUSCO LSD Oil 1L 80W90

CUSCO LSD Oil 1L 80W90

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CUSCO LSD Oil 1L 80W90
SKU: 010-001-L01

Fully demonstrates LSD performance while preventing chattering * 1 (abnormal noise from the differential, abnormal vibration)

The purity of the base oil made by the hydrogenation reforming method is different.
Achieves the highest quality as a lubricating oil for LSD by completely removing impurities by the "hydrogenation reforming manufacturing method" that adds hydrogen under high temperature and high pressure. The higher the purity of the base oil, the more effective the additive.
Due to its high purity, it is unlikely to deteriorate even with severe thermal changes.
Unique FM agent prevents chattering and reduces wear
A FM agent (friction modifier) with excellent wear resistance is blended to stably control the friction adjustment between disc plates. Prevents unpleasant chattering * 1 (abnormal noise from the differential, abnormal vibration).

Prolong the performance of LSD

Compatible with
all mechanical LSDs, including multi-grade competition LSDs that can be used with confidence even in vehicles that also use mission oil such as FF vehicles.

Target differential FR, 4WD rear & FF

CUSCO LSD Oil API / GL5 SAE / 80w-90