CubeSpeed Short Shifter Kit / Toyota P51 / W50 / W55 / W56 / W57 / W58 / R154

CubeSpeed Short Shifter Kit / Toyota P51 / W50 / W55 / W56 / W57 / W58 / R154

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Our legendary CUBE Speed short shifter gives super accurate shifts, a solid mechanical feel and reduces throw by 50%!

Used in street and race cars worldwide!

Very high quality construction

  • This listing is for our 2018 updated design
  • ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 accredited manufacturer
  • Tolerances down to 0.05mm for the best fit and shifts possible
  • Improved shifter pivot mechanism for even smoother shifting
  • Heavy duty bushings
  • Shifter spacer plate included which is required for some installs (full instructions provided)
  • Stock shifter height and gear knob thread pattern (12 x 1.25mm) is retained
  • Includes fitting instructions with photos
  • Two piece, lever allows for fitment of different gear levers if required

Fits the following NON REMOTE Toyota 5 speed transmissions TOYOTA P51 W50 W55 W56 W57 W58 & R154

If your shifter mounts directly to the trans this shifter will fit (direct mount). If your shifter is mounted to a frame on the rear of the trans you have a remote/tripod shifter, this shifter will not fit (photo 3 shows both direct mount and tripod mount shifters).