Xspurt 525cc High Resistance Fuel Injector

Xspurt 525cc High Resistance Fuel Injector

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Xspurt 525cc 3/4 Length High Resistance Fuel Injector

Dynamically flow tested in New Zealand by us, Motorsport Electronics (MSEL), so that your set of injectors is matched within 1% across the entire set.

  • These are a 58mm long body injector
  • Full injector deadtime/battery compensation information is supplied with each set of injectors
  • Modern design offering extremely good idle control
  • Suitable for use with ethanol, methanol as well as most oil based fuels
  • Unmodified Bosch injector
  • USCAR/EV14 electrical connection (mating connector optional at time of purchase).
  • Price varies depending on options selected at time of purchase.

Note that some companies sell this injector as 550cc/min