Turbosmart Modular Combo Block (4 Port & 2 Channel) 1/8NPT

Turbosmart Modular Combo Block (4 Port & 2 Channel) 1/8NPT

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The Turbosmart Modular Combo (Reference & Sensor) Manifold, is an expandable, professional solution for remote mounting expensive and delicate sensors aswell as a shared reference distribution manifold away from high vibrations and heat such as those found in engine bays. Manufactured from Billet (6262 T6) Aluminium and Black anodized, with 1/8 NPT Ports, the Modular Combo Manifold allows for 2 channels (sensors) to be neatly mounted away from your engine for isolation and neat plumbing and wiring, as well as 4 ports of a shared reference signal for components such as Fuel Pressure Regulators, Maps Sensors, Boost Gauges, Wastegates and Brake Boosters.

The modular System can be mixed & matched and added to with components such as further reference and sensor blocks (Available Separately) for a neat and tidy engine bay solution, tailored to suit your needs.

Available In
Modular Remote Sensor Manifold
Modular Reference Distribution Manifold
Modular Combo (Sensor & Reference) Manifold

Billet (6262 T6) Aluminium Construction
Modular, Expandable System
1/8 NPT Ports
3 Channel (Sensors) and 4 Port (Reference)