CLEARANCE - Vinny Fab Quick Release Clamps

CLEARANCE - Vinny Fab Quick Release Clamps

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Vinny Fab Quick release clamps are a perfect addition to your vehicle if you are running high boost or want to tidy up your engine bay.

The smooth internal connection ensures minimal flow disturbance with a leak-free, modular O-ring sealed connection. The Quick release pin maximises pressure hold and avoids incidental unlocking.

Suitable for intercooler piping, cold air intakes, turbo piping or custom air and liquid applications. Rated to operating pressures of up to 800 PSI. The clamp assemblies provide a flexible connection that withstands vibration, movements along their axis, and lateral misalignment.

Clamp comes with 2 aluminium sleeves with O-rings, and a hard Anodized black clamp with quick release pin.

  • Rated to 800psi.
  • Lightweight.
  • Quick Release and Easy use.
  • Hard Anodised shell for wear and durability resistance.