CUSCO Type-RS 1-Way Mechanical Plate Type LSD / Honda Civic Type R

CUSCO Type-RS 1-Way Mechanical Plate Type LSD / Honda Civic Type R

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CUSCO Type-RS 1-Way Mechanical Plate Type LSD / Honda Civic Type R
Vehicle fitment: Honda Civic Type R FK8/FL5

Type-RS operates with low initial
It prevents power loss and improves time even on vehicles with no power.
Reduces the occurrence of abnormal noise (a crackling sound called chattering).
There is less pressure on the surface between the clutch plates, and the durability of the plates is improved.
The inflow and outflow of oil between the clutch plates are smoothed and the effectiveness of the LSD is improved.
In addition, the durability of LSD oil is also improved.

Compared to the conventional cone plate type...
The initial torque of type-RS is about 50% to 70% lower than that of the conventional cone plate type (compared to our company).
As a result, the drive resistance is reduced and the response is good and the operation is smooth.

Type-RS has outstanding durability
Since type-RS uses a special precision spring (RS spring) between the pressure rings, it always keeps the spring stroke.
Unlike the cone plate type, it does not come into complete contact, and there is no wear or settling of the clutch plate.
The RS spring that generates the initial torque has no settling and always exhibits stable performance.

Benefits like this...
As a result of installing it on the All Japan Gymkhana vehicle, it was able to fight through the series without overhauling, which required 2-3 overhauls per year, and achieved good results. It has proven its durability even at the competition level.

Type-RS has high response
Since the direction of LSD operation and the direction of initial torque are the same, the operation is quick and responds directly to accelerator control.
High power is transmitted to the road without slipping and without waste.
Power is transmitted to the road surface without waste even at clutch contact at the start of 0-400m.
Maintains stable driving force even in long drift conditions.

Initial torque
Even if the LSD is not operating, the torque is applied from the beginning to make it move quickly. If you set it higher, you can get a stronger effect, but the turning performance will be worse and the drive system will be burdened.