CUSCO 2-Inch Lift Suspension Kit / Suzuki Jimny JB74

CUSCO 2-Inch Lift Suspension Kit / Suzuki Jimny JB74

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CUSCO 2-Inch Lift Suspension Kit / Suzuki Jimny JB74
SKU: 60N-6JS-U20

Vehicle height adjustment range +50 to +75mm

Kit contents:
Shock absorber x 4, spring x 4, screw spacer x 4,
large capacity bump rubber x 4 (soft specification) — Hard specification option available
Extended brake hoses

Adopts specially designed large-capacity dual-tube shock absorber
A double-tube shock absorber is used to secure a sufficient amount of oil in the spacious shell case to ensure a mild ride at all times , and to exhibit smooth damping force characteristics. It offers both a smooth ride and high driving performance.

Front and rear damping force 14 steps adjustable
14 stages of damping force adjustment to accommodate every driving scene. Equipped with a large dial for easy adjustment. Adopts a twin rotary valve type damping adjustment mechanism with an even and wide adjustment range from 1 to 14 steps.

Front and rear screw spacer vehicle height adjustment type
Adopts a screw spacer type vehicle height adjustment mechanism that allows vehicle height adjustment in millimeter units. In addition to the cationic electrodeposition coating that is resistant to rust, it has a flat top finish that prevents the screw threads from being crushed even by stone chips.
Spacer screws are made of steel with a cationic electrodeposition coating
Spring seat: Made of aluminum with blue anodized finish. 

Specially designed spring
Made of high-tensile steel with a tensile strength of over 200kgf/mm2, and a specially designed spring that is resistant to fatigue. The base of the spring painting is treated with a special coating that is resistant to rust, and the finish is a powder-baked paint finish that is flexible and has high adhesion, achieving extremely high durability.