BorgWarner S300SX-E Super-Core "S363SX-E"

BorgWarner S300SX-E Super-Core "S363SX-E"

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Turbo Family: S300SX-E Super-Core "S363SX-E"
Compressor Type: Forged-Milled Wheel (FMW) Extended Tip
Compressor Inducer: 62.99mm
Compressor Exducer: 87.370mm
Turbine Inducer: 76.20mm
Turbine Exducer: 67.56mm
Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
Bearing Cooling: Oil

Flange Details:
Compressor Inlet Flange: 4.00" Hose
Compressor Outlet Flange: 2.5" Hose with integrated V/band option

Turbo Characteristics:
Turbo Size: Medium frame
Intended Application: Medium - High power
Expected Power Output: 320 to 1000 HP : 235 to 745 kw

Additional Comments:
360 degree thrust bearing
Integrated speed sensor port
Forged milled compressor wheel
Flexible compressor cover outlet options
Pre-machined boost port
Optimized compressor stage aerodynamics